TouchTour in Commercial Real Estate

At commercial properties, TouchTour is used for two separate and distinct functions. First, it enables management and commercial brokers to provide an interactive digital property tour and sales presentation to potential tenants. Second, it serves as a searchable building directory, a wayfinding map and a general information kiosk for visitors.

The Business Case for TouchTour at Commercial Properties

Properties that utilize a TouchTour system have many advantages over those that don’t, including:

More engaging leasing presentations. Prospects who join you in front of a large TouchTour touch screen are immediately captivated by the gesture-based interface and then quickly engrossed in the multi-media content.
The "big picture" for prospects. Having floor plans, photos and other property information at their fingertips gives prospects confidence that they are making a well-informed decision and can also accelerate the leasing process.
Efficiency and time savings. TouchTour can integrate with the other systems you use to share pricing, availability and prospect contact information, saving you time and effort.
On-the-fly updates. TouchTour comes with an intuitive, web-based Content Management System. Authorized users can easily add, edit or delete information as needed.
Satisfied customers. Visitors who can quickly find the businesses they are looking for, and who are aware of the events and promotions being offered by you and your tenants, are sure to return more regularly.

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