TouchTour in Single Family Home Sales

A house is the biggest purchase most people will ever make. Consequently, it’s not surprising that they want to be fully informed and thoroughly convinced before they sign on the dotted line.

The TouchTour digital marketing and sales platform, with its vivid multi-media content and visceral gesture-sensitive interface, gives prospects the information they need and the reassurance they want. A short time interacting with the system on a large touchscreen, combined with a sales agent's knowledge and expertise, produces tremendous forward momentum toward a purchase decision.

How TouchTour Benefits Single Family Home Sales

Turnkey solution. From a custom-designed interface that communicates your brand promise clearly and beautifully to powerful functionality that meets your specific needs to hardware ordering, installation and support, we handle all aspects of your project.
The big picture (and the small). TouchTour helps prospects zero in on the specific home they want. But it also helps you sell the big picture with information on local shopping, dining, entertainment and services.
The big builder (and the small). It doesn’t matter if you are building huge developments with hundreds of homes or small communities with a handful. TouchTour helps you market them better and sell them faster.
Prospect profile capture. TouchTour lets homebuyers save information on their preferred models and send it to themselves. You immediately receive the same information, allowing for fast, well-informed follow up.
CMS-based flexibility. As your business needs change, TouchTour changes with them. Through an intuitive, web-based Content Management System, any authorized user can add, edit or delete information. A promotion is being offered or ended? A neighborhood is close to being sold out? Get those announcements on the big touch panel effortlessly.
It’s engaging and… enjoyable. There’s no reason a purchase – even a major purchase – has to be a dull, tedious process. Prospects who experience TouchTour on a large touchscreen are thrilled not to have spent hours staring at a sales agent’s computer monitor, lifeless brochures or a static plat map.
Automation through integration. TouchTour can communicate with the other systems you use to share pricing, availability and prospect contact information, saving you time and effort.

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