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A Touch of Brilliance

Engaging multi-touch sales & leasing tool for luxury real estate.

TouchTour Multitouch

TouchTour™ is an immersive virtual experience that allows prospective residents to explore your property, and the surrounding area, from the comfort of your sales and leasing office.

Designed to engage and displayed on large (42” – 70”) high-resolution wall-mounted or table top units, TouchTour™ invites visitors to step closer and use taps, swipes and other multi-touch gestures that create a powerful and memorable kinesthetic interaction. Floor plans, photos, videos, maps and descriptions paint a vivid and compelling picture of life at your community.

Easy installation and outstanding support.

TouchTour Sales Tool

TouchTour™ panels are self-contained, high-definition displays with an onboard computer processor. Easy installation and one-touch software updates make it simple to bring them online and keep them running smoothly.

And when you have questions, our world class, Denver-based support team has answers. Their knowledge of the TouchTour™ technology and understanding of the multi-family industry make them a valuable resource.

Resident reach.

TouchTour Resident Reach

Keep your residents and guests engaged! When not in use for virtual property tours, TouchTour panels automatically display a wealth of information about your community. Event details, announcements, tenant notifications, news, and weather forecasts ensure everyone is up to date.

Options for social media feeds, Skype video chat and integrated printers are also available.

Extend the experience – for the visitor and your team.

TouchTour Data Connection

After they’ve left your office, visitors can review the virtual tour using a native app for iPad, or access the same informative content on your website from their mobile phone or computer.

To help your team continue the conversation, full guest card integration with Yardi or RealPage systems simplifies data gathering and streamlines the sales or leasing process.