Engrain Announces New Features and API Sets for 2020

Engrain Announces New Features and API Sets for 2020 2020-02-28T17:33:11+00:00

Project Description

February 20, 2020

Engrain is wasting little time on the innovation forefront as a new decade begins. 

With a focus on integration enhancements to its two primary product lineups, SightMap and TouchTour, Engrain is shaping the future of multifamily technology with visualization. 

SightMap, which debuted in 2016 as an interactive app that displays unit locations on maps that integrate with property websites, will continue to add a variety of functionalities in 2020. SightMap now will offer enhanced views of parking areas to help communities monitor and monetize their parking situations. It will also display rentable items, such as storage space, to assist with auditing and asset management. 

“We believe at this point that there should be a map visualization in any multifamily software application,” said Brent Steiner, founder and chief executive officer of Engrain. 

Additionally, SightMap license upgrades will greatly enhance integrations to websites, app and further augment send-and-share capabilities to a platform that made a significant impact in 2019. Data indicates that property websites with SightMap experience a 38% to 60% uptick in engagement, and communities experience conversions rates of two to three times better when prospects understand precisely where the unit is. 

The SightMap Asset Intelligence product will continue to provide greater visualization, as well, with enhanced views that include a stacked perspective of multilevel buildings. Engrain will also continue to evolve its first Power BI plugin, which debuted in 2019. Perhaps the largest change in 2020 will be Engrain’s entrance into PropTech syndication, with prototypes already in the works with several providers.

Also in 2020, Engrain is introducing metrics expansions to deepen integrations, expand APIs and produce integration scoring. This will allow more sophisticated users an opportunity to better utilize the datasets.

On the TouchTour side, Centralized Leasing and Flexible Touring will be added to the product lineup that currently includes Core, Premier and Enterprise. In addition, Engrain is utilizing 2020 to address five core trends based on user feedback from a product that served as the industry’s first touchscreen tour service in 2009 and now features more than 1,500 screens nationwide. The first pertains to the flexibility of self-guided touring. Users can customize the extent of the self-guided tour, such as whether it will be permitted after hours and what parts of the property can be accessed. 

Other improvements included access to hardware (as part of a bundled software package), analytics wins (Engrain will provide more friendly access to data and better ability to tailor analytics), content and integration (all content, including a community’s videos, will be made available on TouchTour) and seamless bidirectional guest card integration. The latter ensures property teams won’t have to enter guest-card information more than once. 

Engrain also acquired the DeliverHere app, which provides detailed maps for delivery drivers, much like Engrain’s anticipated Vertigo Maps app. This opens the door for Engrain’s map platform to include logistics and emergency service features, in which detailed maps are provided to first responders to help them locate specific units more rapidly. 

As with SightMap and TouchTour, Vertigo enhancements are occurring on a daily basis.