Project Description

Closed loop integration allows for ease of use and set up with virtual property tour system

DENVER – July 17, 2013 – Engrain (www.engrain.com), the leader in touch screen property tour and resident messaging systems, today announced that its TouchTour system is now fully integrated with Yardi Voyager software.

“Real-time integration with industry-leading property management systems is critical if a virtual tour system is to close the loop and provide the maximum benefit to leasing agents,” said Brent Steiner, Engrain president and CEO. “Yardi is a recognized leader in multifamily real estate management software, and we’re thrilled to have completed their interface program. The tight integration of our systems streamlines, among other things, the sharing of availability information which is a key factor in helping agents respond quickly to a prospect’s questions and solidify their interest in the property.”

While mutual clients who wish to use the ILS/Guest Card interface will initially need to obtain an add-on package, future releases of the Yardi Voyager software will have the interface incorporated as an option. With the integration, leasing agents are able to update unit availability in Yardi Voyager and have that change immediately reflected on the TouchTour panel. However, a content management system within TouchTour allows agents to override the Yardi Voyager feed to take specific floor plans offline, change the rate for units or filter what units are shown.

“This collaboration came about as a result of our long-held commitment to understanding the challenges our clients face and providing multifamily sales and leasing teams with the tools they need to get a competitive edge,” said Steiner. “Full TouchTour/Yardi Voyager integration will have a tremendous impact on operations anywhere the two systems are used.”


Engrain is a leading provider of immersive touch screen technology and award-winning digital branding and design services within the real estate market. Its TouchTour® system is used at some of the most respected properties in the country. Based in Denver, the company works with clients throughout the U.S. and Canada.

For more information, please contact Audrey Bolema, director of business development, 303-903-3863 or audrey@engrain.com