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SightMap® has a clean, responsive design which is easily customized to reflect the look and feel of your property. Choose between a variety of design styles to compliment your website and branding while clearly displaying important information.


Engrain can create your interactive map using an existing high-resolution marketing map as the background or using any visual of the property that shows each floor plate and the individual units.If using a high-resolution raster marketing map as the map background, for example a .JPG, .PNG, .TIFF, or .PDF, ideally the map:

  • Must clearly show locations of all units within the asset
  • Must be at least 2,500px by 2,500px
  • Can not contain third party company logo or branding*
  • Should not require frequent updating
  • Must be one single background image
  • Floor plates must not vary drastically throughout levels

*In some cases Engrain can modify an existing map.

Ideal files for encoding a map would be vector based, allowing our designers to quickly format and code the map. For example, vector file formats include: .AI, .EPS or an editable .PDF.

What should I send Engrain to have my interactive map created?

  • Property Address
  • Clearly labeled property map visual with the following information:
    • Unit labels
    • Leasing Office
    • Stairs and elevator locations
    • On-site amenities (laundry, pool, gym, etc.)
    • Building access (front door or entrance point)
    • Orientation with nearby streets
    • Orientation notating true north
    • Building labels/numbers
    • Parking detail
    • Extraordinary features
    • Unit data relevant to building and floor information
    • Any Brand Guides relevant to map design (to determine active and hover color on available units)

Our implementation team will work with you to gather all of the necessary information.

What types of map visuals are acceptable?

  • Designed marketing map
  • Sales sheets with a key
  • Key plans
  • Way finding maps
  • Maintenance maps
  • Architect plans
  • Construction drawings
  • Floor plan details with key plan

If I don’t have one of these files where can I get them?

You can reach out to your:

  • Design firm
  • Marketing agency
  • Architect
  • Sign company

What if I can’t get a suitable map file?

We’re happy to help. Engrain can design a map for you using one of our proven design options.


If a high-resolution property map exists, Engrain can use the map as a background.


If needed, Engrain can design the interactive map using one of our proven color palettes. Maps can also be designed using custom colors for an additional cost.