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Stop analyzing. Start Visualizing.

Asset Intelligence is the intuitive way to track property trends.

Person working on laptop with Asset Intelligence software interface showing property lease look back information.
  • Property performance data viewed through the lens of the actual real estate.

    Designed and developed specifically for asset management professionals, Asset Intelligence delivers map-based visualizations of your property performance data making it easier to identify trends, outliers, and patterns.
  • Say goodbye to spreadsheets.

    Replace your spreadsheets and endless reports with a fully integrated, interactive heat map of your property and custom dashboard that shows your percentage leased, proforma variances, days on the market and more.
  • Make better decisions, based on data, faster.

    Power your BI dashboard with interactive maps that provide context for financials, building trends, unit desirability issues and more. Owners and operators can better anticipate turns and exposure, set performance benchmarks and manage renovation and move-in schedules.
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Increased revenue and value added to assets

We've noticed an increase in revenue since using Asset Intelligence through being able to confidently make rent adjustments that add revenue, add value to our assets.

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Quick insights to make critical decisions

We needed the visual insight to quickly adjust rents as we see absorption pick up on certain unit types.

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Value in viewing data through a map

When we have to make a decision about whether to raise or lower a price on a specific unit type, we're looking at a map of the building instead of a spreadsheet.

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Real time data with the future in mind

Asset Intelligence is helping us to make predictions about pricing for our new developments.

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Improved financial position

Data is available instantly and helps us to make decisions based on availability, leases and pricing, to improve the financial position of the property.

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