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August 23, 2022

BetterBot adds Community Maps to the Conversation

Multifamily’s most adopted conversational leasing solution just got better with an interactive community map feature.

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Prospective renters today want all the information they can get, wherever and whenever. They want real-time responses to their questions, actual pricing and availability, real photography, video and virtual tours at both the amenity and individual apartment level. And, they want to know the exact location of their potential new home.

Technology coupled with these new renter needs have led to more advanced integrations and collaboration between our industry’s PropTech providers. We’re excited to announce that BetterBot, the multifamily industry’s most adopted conversational leasing technology, recently added Engrain’s interactive maps to the leasing experience.

“We’re focused on transforming the way people find, lease and manage properties, providing transparency to renters and allowing them to narrow their search using criteria that matters to them and then choose the specific apartment they want to live in. Our interactive Unit Maps integrate seamlessly with other software applications, enhancing the property techstack and creating a consistent user experience for prospects."

Melissa Pasquale

Vice President, Unit Map Platform at Engrain

By using Unit Map as a feature, the BetterBot digital leasing agent can now show a prospect where the specific units are in relation to amenities, entrances, parking and other landmarks by giving them a visual of the community.

“BetterBot’s thousands of digital leasing agents have completed millions of conversations with prospective renters on behalf of apartment communities all across the US, Canada and Mexico,” explained Robert Turnbull, President and Founder of BetterBot. “Nearly 60% of these conversations are happening after hours and on various channels such as Google My Business, Facebook, Yelp, Instagram, and so on. Engrain provides exactly the kind of rich content these prospects want to see - wherever and whenever.”

Existing Engrain clients can get their maps added to BetterBot by filling out this request form. If a BetterBot client doesn't have an Engrain Unit Map yet, simply visit Engrain’s content upload form, provide the required information and Engrain will make it happen. Once Engrain creates the map, it will appear on the BetterBot-powered digital leasing agent within days. These maps created for use in the BetterBot chatbot are available to property managers at no cost.