Rethinking Multifamily websites: Prepare for the coming revolution in unit-level search

May 5, 2022

Budget friendly Tips to Develop and Stand Out from the Competition by Enhancing Your Community’s “Neesh.”

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The upcoming generation of renters all grew up with a phone in their hand. They are looking for apartments on a mobile device. If your website is not formatted for mobile, you are losing potential leads and renters. They are engrained to be digital nomads, and quite frankly, demand it for a more accessible and on-demand leasing experience. How are you incorporating technology as part of the follow up and leasing process? Are you using video, text and 24 hour virtual tours? This can be your “neesh” when it comes to marketing your community to attract the Digital Nomad.

Got money in the budget?
Invest in technology for the leasing experience. Companies such as #Engrain and #Pynwheel and LCP 360 are offering incredible real time leasing tours with expansive touch screen monitors. It customizes for exactly what the customer is looking for.

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