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August 31, 2021

Don’t just ride the wave of self-guided touring, control it.

How to design a flexible touring solution that’s right for your portfolio.

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Just as the multifamily industry was dipping its toe into self-guided tours, the pandemic came and pushed it into the deep end.

Flexible touring, or more accurately referred to as “tours your way”, is a term used to describe touring solutions that best fit your leasing workflow. Whether that be guided, partial guided or entirely self-guided tours. Self-touring fulls under the umbrella of flexible touring and is the ability for a prospect to tour an apartment without a leasing agent.

Various industries and companies, like Uber, Netflix, and Airbnb, capitalized on the self-guided tour solution. It streamlines the leasing process and provides the flexibility that prospects have been requesting for years. With just a mobile phone and a valid ID, a prospect gets an address and an access code to tour an apartment when they want.

The demand for a do-it-yourself tour and social distancing combined with staff availability issues accelerated the adoption of self-touring. And while the scheduling, screening, and access is managed well by a variety of apps created for the industry, many companies are rethinking the overall experience. Forward thinking companies are creating an actionable strategy to realize the benefits and efficiencies of flexible touring while still providing a blend of in-person tours.

Not surprisingly, flexible tours are as nuanced as each individual apartment asset. Simply, there is no one size fits all solution. However, we have identified best practices in this Insights Report to guide you through the sometimes surprising considerations so you can implement self-tours with a strategy that puts you ahead of the market.

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