Rethinking Multifamily websites: Prepare for the coming revolution in unit-level search

November 23, 2021

Eliminating Pain Points in Digital Leasing and Enhancing Customer Journey

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The multifamily customer journey has evolved to a point where technology is no longer an option -- it’s the foundation for modern leasing and operations. But new renter pain points emerged during the industry’s rapid technology implementation and proptech boom. Venterra Realty wanted to eliminate those pain points and enhance the entire customer journey, from the initial apartment search to signing a lease and moving in.

Utilizing Engrain’s SightMap to Create a Customized, Visual Experience

SightMap is utilized at the start of property tours to go over availability, pricing and additional prospect wants and needs. Onsite teams leverage the map to better understand what the prospect is looking for and to craft a customized tour and eliminate the options that prospects are not interested in and prioritize what’s most important to them.

Redefined Journey Orchestration, and Increased Customer Trust and Experience

Adding SightMap to Venterra Realty communities has instilled confidence in the customer experience. SightMap, in part, has helped Venterra reduce the time it takes prospects to go from interested to financially committed by 50% on average across its portfolio.

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