Rethinking Multifamily websites: Prepare for the coming revolution in unit-level search

July 7, 2022

Enhancing the customer and touring experience

With Engrain, Greystar has a better way to manage different aspects of any given community to make confident decisions and capitalize on opportunities that add revenue and increase asset value.

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One of the biggest changes to modern multifamily leasing has been the implementation of interactive mapping technology used for leasing, touring and asset management. Greystar has always looked to innovate and transform internal strategies for associates and improve leasing and living experiences for residents. The addition of data visualization technologies tailored to Greystar’s portfolio could enhance different aspects of the company from leasing to asset management and provide a better overall customer experience for its residents.

Greystar relies on Engrain, an industry leader in interactive mapping technology, for its leasing and touring. Not only could Engrain deliver interactive, visual technologies that integrate seamlessly with existing property management software, but it could also customize each and every solution for Greystar’s vast and unique portfolio.

Engrain’s products, SightMap, TouchTour, and Asset Intelligence, were tailored to Greystar and have filled multiple needs and streamlined end-to-end workflows that have generated revenue and increased value at hundreds of Greystar assets.

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