Rethinking Multifamily websites: Prepare for the coming revolution in unit-level search


Finding an Intuitive Way to Track Leasing Trends

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Tracking absorption rates has always been a primary objective in the apartment world. That mission was no different for Leon Capital Group’s multifamily branch, but Director of Multifamily Operations Crystal Martin believed there had to be a more intuitive way.

“Back in the old-school days it started with utilizing an Excel color-coded document,” Martin said. “Then it became a heat map that you put together manually, but there wasn’t ever a great solution to determine what particular unit types were leasing faster.”

Maximizing revenue and properly pricing slow-selling homes

Martin and her team wanted cutting-edge insights as to why certain homes might lease quicker and others a bit more gradually. While factors such as stellar views were typically apparent enough, it was often smaller nuances that made a significant difference for renters. Operations teams needed these types of advanced data insights to maximize revenue and properly price slow-selling homes.

As one who regularly monitors the steady emergence of tech in the multifamily sector, Martin knew that an innovative solution had to be available. It was just a matter of finding the correct fit.

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In this case study:

  • How to see when property pricing is leaving money on the table
  • How adopting Engrain’s SightMap Asset Intelligence solution benefits operations directors
  • How to boost NOI with insights into property performance data