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June 29, 2023

In Search of Answers: NAA Apartmentalize 2023 In Review

The industry's biggest trade show seemed especially full of new and exciting innovations, particularly for those focused on technology.

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Insights and business intelligence (BI) were prominent topics at NAA Apartmentalize 2023. Interviews with property management leaders highlighted the diverse functions that can collaborate more effectively when transitioning from canned reporting to best-in-class BI solutions.

The rapid growth of AI applications, including ChatGPT, has sparked speculation about its potential impact on property management. The introduction of an AI sidekick raises intriguing questions about the future of this technology and its long-term implications for the industry.

Brent Steiner, CEO of Engrain and Donald Davidoff from REBA, along with two operators, discussed the use of interactive property maps to visualize property performance data. Steiner emphasized how our brains process visuals significantly faster than text, and the breadth of problems that become easier to solve when presented on a property map is remarkable.

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