Rethinking Multifamily websites: Prepare for the coming revolution in unit-level search


Introducing an Innovative Apartment Search

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In this case study:

  • Bozzuto's marketing executive sought to improve website engagement
  • Adopting Engrain's SightMap platform
  • Increased website traffic and duration; minimal bounce rate
  • Bozzuto measured time on SightMap page as a 3x increase from the overall property website
  • Optimizing for a rich website experience with an interactive floor plan search

    Community websites have undergone a metamorphosis in recent years as apartment teams clamor to attract residents. But for all the optimized features and visually alluring layouts added to these sites, one concept has remained the same.

    “Data shows that nearly half of the traffic that lands on the property website homepage navigates to the floor plan experience,” said Kelley Shannon, senior vice president of marketing and customer engagement for Bozzuto. “So the website should continuously be optimized for a successful user experience.”

    Implementing SightMap delivered a measurable return, improving website performance

    Bozzuto was firmly aware of the need for a compelling floor plan search, but wanted to introduce additional dynamics to stand out from the competition.

    With prospects now spending the majority of their apartment search journey online—interacting with multiple ILSs, review sites, social media channels and property websites—Bozzuto was dedicated to investing resources to optimize the digital floor plan search experience while researching and analyzing website performance.

    Measurable results from implementing SightMap include a 3x increase in time on the SightMap page compared to overall time on the property website.

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