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October 26, 2022

Providing innovative, tech-centric consistency across portfolio

Engrain has been Griffis’ marketing and technology partner for many years and its products, TouchTour and SightMap, provide the tech-centered consistency Griffis was looking to implement across its portfolio.

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In the new era of self-service leasing and personalized shopping experiences, Griffis wanted to further accelerate its efforts to provide an intuitive, visually engaging apartment shopping experience with the key information renters need to do their own research and make a confident decision.

Since adopting SightMap and TouchTour, Griffis has continued to update the interactive mapping technology to meet prospective resident needs and streamline leasing and touring. Engrain rebuilt Griffis’ Portfolio TouchTour in 2021 with an updated design that streamlined user experience and allowed Griffis to easily onboard new communities. The Griffis redesign was a precursor of TouchTour Flex, Engrain’s newest iteration of TouchTour, that closes the loop on leasing with a seamless interactive leasing and touring experience and dynamic visual context.

Griffis and Engrain worked together to enhance SightMap across the portfolio. Since updating both SightMap and TouchTour, Gannon said she has appreciated not only the consistency across the Griffis portfolio, but also how the technologies create a higher caliber customer experience with the visual context modern renters desire.

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