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March 17, 2023

Realync Announces Partnership with Engrain for Automated Unit-Level Media

Today, Realync, the multifamily video engagement solution, announced its newest integration with Engrain. Realync clients may now integrate their unit-level video content in Realync directly with their Engrain SightMap®, making it even easier for properties to keep their interactive property maps updated in real time as they create new unit-level videos.

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Since 2016, Engrain’s embeddable, interactive property SightMaps have provided a beautiful and intuitive way for prospects to navigate a community and locate specific units or amenities of interest. Since 2019, Engrain’s clients have also been able to add Realync videos to their SightMaps, providing an immersive and transparent way to view specific units. Until today, the process for adding those videos required manually compiling a list of video links and submitting a request for those videos to be added to the map. Today, Realync is excited to announce that this process can now be fully automated, so that clients can send videos directly from Realync to SightMap with the click of a button, enhancing their marketing efforts while saving time and resources.

“From its inception, Realync has been focused on providing renters an authentic, convenient way to see what their future home actually looks like virtually. We started partnering with Engrain a few years ago because of our clear alignment with Engrain’s mission to help prospective renters get a sense of the property layout and unit-specific details, without needing to set foot on the property. This integration of our platforms will streamline the process of adding unit-level videos to SightMaps and evolve the renter discovery experience online.” -Realync COO, Ani Rangarajan

Realync makes connecting with renters to tour a community through video easier than ever. On-site teams can record and share Pre-Recorded Videos or host Live Video Tours from any device. This allows teams to provide convenient, authentic video experiences for every prospect, at every stage of the decision-making process.

“Engrain is on a mission to map every apartment building in the world, helping renters more easily find their next home. Realync and Engrain are working together to deliver an exceptional renter experience, where they can discover a property online, locate a unit that fits their search criteria, instantly tour that exact unit, and confidently apply to lease. This integration makes both of our platforms a no-brainer for properties that want to provide an industry-leading renter experience.”

Melissa Pasquale

VP of Unit Map Ecosystem, Engrain

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