Rethinking Multifamily websites: Prepare for the coming revolution in unit-level search

February 3, 2023

Seamless navigation around self-storage properties

Self-storage has relied on the self-guided experience for longer than most other industries. But the need for interactive self-guided technology has never been as great as it is today to ensure seamless, reliable and safe operations.

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Extra Space is one of the most innovative companies in the industry and was seeking methods to provide a better customer experience and create more self-sufficient ways for customers to find and secure a storage unit. On top of improving the customer experience, Extra Space wanted to modernize pricing and create a real-time, accurate and streamlined way to make sure each storage unit was on par with market rates to maximize revenue opportunities.

Extra Space storage found the need to implement interactive site maps to establish a better self-service experience and expedited the process at the beginning of 2020. Interactive maps would also support a more robust revenue management strategy and allow onsite teams to do their jobs better.

“We look at Engrain’s SightMap as a critical component for how we enhance both the user experience and the employee experience at all of our locations.”

James Hafen

Vice President of Product Development, Extra Space Storage

The benefits of using Engrain’s SightMap have proven to be multifaceted for Extra Space. SightMap has made the customer experience much more enjoyable, productive and easier to navigate. In addition to an elevated customer experience, SightMap has also equipped Extra Space teams with insight into the areas they can save money and increase revenue.

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