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Streamlining Leasing Processes and Making Informed Pricing Decisions

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In this case study:

  • How marketing managers create a real-time property experience with easy-to-access info
  • Why it's worth implementing Engrain's SightMap platform
  • SightMap creates measurable results including automated pricing and saving time

  • Blanton Turner uses Engrain SightMap for its 5,907 managed units across multiple brands

    Pricing is a critical component of any leasing strategy. Prospects expect accurate, specific information when searching for a new home and leasing teams need to discern appropriate pricing based on amenities and apartment features. With a growing number of residents searching for apartments online, user-friendly platforms with real-time data and accessible information are key to attracting and retaining great residents.

    “We want to make informed decisions when it comes to pricing and really understand the nuances of the apartments,” said Molly Sleeper, senior marketing manager for Blanton Turner. “It’s critical to identify why some are more expensive than others and if there are any patterns for apartments that are taking longer to lease so we can market all our homes effectively.”

    SightMap provides leasing teams more pricing insight, prospects access real-time apartment info

    Blanton Turner takes pride in being unique, and each community has its own established brand that stands out from competitors. With community websites on different platforms, the process for updating pricing and availability is vastly different for each platform. Leasing teams were faced with a time-consuming challenge and unable to give precise information to prospects.

    “The onsite team would have to reach out to the marketing team for pricing and availability, and the marketing team had to go into the backend of the website for that community and change the code to update pricing and availability every time a unit became available,” Sleeper said. “It was really tedious and a waste of time on both sides, and we were giving prospects a general pricing range, but they expect exact details.”

    An automatic pricing and availability tool was an essential solution for Blanton Turner’s challenges. Not only would it streamline the leasing process across multiple website platforms and provide time savings for the leasing and marketing teams, but it would also provide the leasing team with more pricing insight and the ability to give prospects exact, real-time information about an apartment.

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