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April 25, 2023

Visualizing data to identify pricing outliers, location-specific trends

Rental housing has rapidly transformed into a data-driven industry. But even data-driven insight comes with some challenges. Data can often be difficult to analyze and put into a real-world context, and sometimes the data tells a story that isn’t easily discernible.

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Brookfield Properties, which develops and operates real estate investments on behalf of Brookfield Asset Management and currently manages more than 30,000 units, wanted to create a map-based visualization of its communities. While Brookfield had previously used Excel-based visualizations, there was a clear need to utilize a platform that fully encompassed the entire building and exact unit locations.

Power BI aligned with Brookfield’s needs in two key ways: Engrain was able to design custom property maps and the maps easily integrated with Brookfield’s data warehouse. Brookfield incorporated Power BI into its data model in early 2022 with an initial list of a few properties and has since expanded the property lists as maps have been developed to incorporate their full owner managed portfolio.

"We can really see what’s actually happening at a building versus trying to sort through all the data and figure out what’s common among the units that aren’t leasing."

Gloria Smith

Manager, Data Visualization and Analytics, Brookfield Properties

Since launching Engrain’s Power BI, Brookfield can make quicker, more informed data-driven decisions with visual context that highlights complexities and nuances of each community. The level of granular detail and real-time insight from the Power BI maps paint a complete picture of what’s happening within a community.

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