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April 29, 2020

Finding a Competitive Differentiator in the Lease-Up Process

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Lease-ups had been going fairly well for Trinitas Ventures, but Antonio Holmes saw room for improvement. The director of leasing believed more could be done to cater to the digital-savvy student market and help achieve the company’s leasing objectives on new development projects a bit more rapidly.

“The need was for us to become more relevant and innovative in the market,” Holmes said. “If someone walks in the door, we want to be able to show them true real-time availability. We want to have that transparency that allows individuals to check availability on the website from home, on their iPads and from their phones.”

The overriding idea was to make the leasing process attainable outside of the leasing office. If students wanted a four-bedroom home on the fourth floor and near an elevator, Holmes wanted to provide them the capability to search those precise parameters from afar.

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