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June 10, 2020

The Need to Upgrade to Intuitive Visualization Technology

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LMC, a Lennar company, was ahead of the curve. The Charlotte, N.C.-based multifamily developer, which always has an abundance of lease-ups in process across the country, knew a visualization platform was a must to accommodate waiting prospects.

LMC’s previous system had a few standout features, but offered a clunky overall user experience. For instance, the system’s high resolution negatively impacted the on-screen user experience, and the system also lacked information sharing capabilities with LMC’s CRM software. Essentially, there was no way to push or pull information.

“Unfortunately, it became a beautiful screen that no one consistently used,” said Beth Tuttle, vice president of marketing for LMC. “It would lock up and it had no bidirectional feed. We were trying to fix this existing software, spending a lot of time and money building something from scratch and it just wasn’t getting any better. When you have a tool that doesn’t consistently work, the leasing team doesn’t really want to use it.”

LMC’s leadership needed to decide whether to continue to try to improve functionality of the existing software or start fresh with Engrain. Onsite associates helped make a compelling case.

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