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The Need to Recruit Senior Housing Prospects Earlier in the Development Process

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In this case study:

  • Overcoming unpredictable and costly changes in senior housing development planning
  • Adding Engrain's TouchTour to Greystone's blue-sky developments
  • Creating hyper-quick presale processes and accelerated building timelines
  • Greystone Communities chooses Engrain solutions to build confidence with prospective senior residents

    As a top-tier senior living consultant and manager, Greystone understands the importance of getting the word out early. It’s not a wise strategy, after all, to waste any valuable time before reaching out to prospective residents.

    Residents seeking senior housing are not unlike those seeking a single-family home, in that they are planning a purpose-filled long-term residency with fulfilling lifestyle opportunities and built-in certainty and security. Early market awareness for presales is most important in Greystone’s ground-up developments, which First Vice President of Sales and Marketing Tricia Mackin terms “blue- sky” communities.

    Touchscreens are the more cost-effective option for showcasing property models

    Until the past few years, Greystone built detailed topographical maps of blue-sky communities during the development phase, which allowed prospects to view the homes within the context of the future property. But topographical maps had their challenges.

    “The problem is that a wing might change during the development process,” Mackin said. “Then all of a sudden you have this expensive product that is no longer an accurate way to show what the property will look like. You can’t show visuals about what the interiors will consist of, or where the units are actually located within the property.”

    Mackin knew virtual products would be more efficient, largely because property models could be updated on the fly and accessed digitally. So she took it upon herself to seek one out.

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