Experience is Everything.

TouchTour® is Engrain’s award-winning line of interactive touchscreen products and informational digital signage. With hundreds of customers and thousands of digital screens deployed, TouchTour is the clear leader in interactive technology for the real estate industry.


TouchTour invites visitors to step closer and interactively engage with large high-resolution displays to create a powerful and memorable experience. Panels are self-contained, high-definition displays with an onboard computer. Turnkey installation, one-touch software updates and a reliable customer support team make cutting edge technology … easy.


Engage your potential renters and convert more prospects to tenants with customized interactive, attention-grabbing experiences.


TouchTour for iPad saves leasing teams time and integrates into any workflow. Whether as a companion to a TouchTour leasing screen or used as a stand-alone tool, this beautiful and functional app offers extended integrations and the freedom of tablet mobility.


Put the power of TouchTour in your leasing agents hands.


Connect with your residents through a CMS-driven messaging system that allows information to be pushed to multiple screens throughout a building, site, or community.


Real-time information equals real life convenience.

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